Welcome to my Happy Place

I did promise to begin doing a tour of my stamp studio.  Today will be a quick overview of the whole room.  I had to do a complete redo in order to be able to work more efficiently.  I previously had a wall of iris carts that hid all of my paper and coloring stuff.  All my embellishments were out of sight.  I had in effect removed all of my "prompts" from view.  I only worked well when everything was out and all over every bit of counter space.  I will go into individual storage changes that I made in future "tours".

I know...it's kind of scary...and yes, people do ask me if this is a store...ouch!  I have been stamping since 1985.  Back in the day I did own and operate a stamp store which probably influences by organization style.  The whole room functions well now  :)

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