Out of my Comfort Zone

I have recently been helping my family members to get ready to sort through all of the boxes of old family photos I have accumulated over time.  We have our smaller boxes to sort into and this week we went out and purchased a bunch of Project Life stuff because we are just not "scrap-bookers"...well at least I'm not and no one else in the family has started up yet.  Project Life seemed far less intimidating.  To make a long story short...my husband asked me to put pictures from a recent hiking/climbing trip to Colorado into one of the smaller Project Life books.  It holds 76 pictures...or 80 if you don't make a beginning and ending page "lay-out"( I can't believe I said that word ).  He wanted it done before a family members' birthday this weekend so he could "show & tell".

I had made the cutest pages with a bunch of "dimensionals".  We couldn't close the book...hilarious.  I had to take everything apart and redo it because the pages are "sewn" in.  I think the bigger Project Life scrap book may actually be easier to work with.  After two days I am quite ready for a return to my stamp studio!!! This was really easy though ;)

One positive that came from this experiment is that I found a use for some things in my stash of goodies that I hadn't been using much... as well as using from the collection of "nature" stickers that my husband buys out of boredom when I'm shopping at craft stores.

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