Scan n Cut Review

I'm back with my review of the Brother Scan-n-Cut 2.  Since I had just purchased a Silhouette last year I didn't even consider buying the original Brother Stamp-n-Cut.  The Silhouette was and is a solid piece of equipment but was not entirely compatible with my purposes.  I used it to cut shapes and colored images that I purchased per item from the Silhouette Company. I tried to use it to cut out my own images but didn't do very well.

What I was really looking for was a way to easily cut out my hand stamped images and other digital vintage collage images that I have been collecting for years.  I am horrible at fussy cutting and very slow so my husband has filled that position for me up to this point.

I recently purchased the new Brother Scan-n-Cut 2.  I made a little photo diary of some work that I did with the Scan-n-Cut 2 today.  I will say that there are pros and cons to the machine.  I hesitate to list all of them because I am such a newbie using this and haven't even read the entire instructions.  I may not know all of the capabilities.  You Tube is a wonderful resource to learn more about Brother Scan-n Cut 2. If I learn something new I'll be back to show more.  Right now I am happy with what I can accomplish.

This is what I know:
1)  Only the exterior outline is cut.  The outline must be clear and not too sketchy or the
     machine will get confused.  Sometimes it gets confused anyway = personality  :)
     You can adjust the cut to be right on the line or leave a border.  I prefer mine close.
2)  You can stamp a whole sheet of multiple images instead of using dies to cut an outline
      of an image one at a time. Many stamps and all digital images don't have matching
3)  Sometimes the scanner doesn't "see" an image properly or at all.  You can re-position
     the cardstock and re-scan which oft times solves the problem.  You can tell by looking
     at the preview screen that the scan is not perfect so you can either make adjustments
     or if it's only an image or two out of many....just go with the flow.
4)  The scan carrier looses stickiness fast.  This can be fixed by using a temporary spray

5)  You don't have to fill up a 12 x 12 whole sheet with images. As long as you can get the
     smaller paper to stick to the carrier properly it will scan and cut that image.

Here's my pics...feel free to leave me any questions under comments.

 Note the cut down pieces I was able to use.

 The shoe is not seen.  I did not re-scan

 It missed this one out of 6.
It scanned and cut 3 perfectly but the fourth had an "anomaly"

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